SOS The Holiday Season

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The average person gains half a kilo during the holidays, and never shakes it off. We all love to celebrate with family, friends and coworkers during the Christmas and summer season. This is a wonderful time but it it can also be too enjoyable for your waistline.

So here are a few tips to stay in control and be conscious of what you’re eating, without sacrificing the fun.

  1. Schedule in a bit of physical activity every day (even if it’s just an evening walk with a friend or significant other).
  2. Carry high protein snacks and water at all times.
  3. Focus on the healthy, low kilojoule foods at parties. Use smaller portions, try to avoid buffets, anything deep fried, high carbs and sugary anything.
  4. Go easy on the alcohol, the kilojoules will quickly add up and alcohol suppresses the body’s ability to burn fat. Make a wine spritzer by mixing your fav quaff with soda water and lots of fresh lemon. Steer clear of fizzy, sweet drinks.
  5. New Year’s Resolution? Invest in yourself. Quit the junk food. Raise the bar. Come to Meei where Less is more.

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